NewApk »Scientific 7 Min Workout Pro v1.3

Posted by Tearlach Givry on Saturday, July 20, 2013
Scientific 7 Min Workout Pro v1.3

Android Market App: 2.2

Android Market App: Scientific 7-minute Workout newest and most-advanced HICT (High-Intensity Circu) app! High-Intensity Circu workouts at:

1) Burn fat least amount ('t called high-intensity)

2) Reducing busy schedules

Scientific 7-minute Workout Pro Android Market App :

Pro NewApk »Scientific 7 Min Workout Pro v1.3 :

✓ Complete Workout Log, showing days completed many times

✓ Voice commands, telling which exercise; useful 't want phone/tablet while working out

As well as:

✓ Set how long ; second breaks at default, exercise 6 mins 55 seconds (12 30-second exercises breaks), t be increased

✓ Flat UI design, showing all completed exercises above exercise, exercises directly below it

✓ Option back forward exercises during the workout down during the exercise to

✓ 2 progress bars, one current 30-second exercise for 6-minutes out (remember, what makes 7 minute workout breaks)

✓ Ability during workout

Notice article, completed 2-3 times. T understandable out one time through, but eventually 2 times through workout.

What's New



• Updated pictures

• Updated voice commands, out upcoming exercise after the break exercise complete

• New settings



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