NewApk »Hatchi v2.73

Posted by Tearlach Givry on Friday, August 16, 2013
Hatchi v2.73

Android Market App: Android 2.1

Android Market App: Hatchi retro-looking Android app **now** sure burning those who cared virtual pet back in when they were height popularity. Just -sized pets 90s, , clean, play with they grow be healthy, happy little Hatchis.

monster through several stages , evolve

differently depending quality provides.

“Say goodbye productivity. Say hello new friend.”

“It's hilarious, but I really, really, really don't want Big Poppa Pump (his Hatchi monster) . I've somehow bonded thing”

What's New


- Hatchi coloured eyes vs his/her skin tone

- Fix.72 which caused a Hatchi's colour /her eyes



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